Friday, June 7, 2019


We are nearing Pentecost Sunday when we celebrate the Holy Spirit beefing up the apostles after Jesus ascended into heaven. Many historians mark this as the beginning of the church.

It can be hard to get a grip on the Holy Spirit. There are thousands of verses on Jesu's and God the Father. Very little on the Holy Spirit.

I like to think of him as the guy driving the first utility truck into your neighborhood after a weather diaster. You are sitting in the dark. You have no connection to the larger world. The A/C is down and you know it is going to be unbearably hot unless a miracle occurs.

Then you hear the truck. You hear him running a chainsaw as he cuts through the chaos to rescue you.  You can hollar at him to leave you alone and he will. He has plenty of others who need rescuing. Or you can holler, "Hey, over here!"

If you call him, He will bring light. He will connect you to the larger universe. He will deliver you from chaos and you won't have to spend eternity in an uncomfortably hot place.

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