Friday, June 14, 2019

Shingles Vaccinations and grape cuttings

Mrs ERJ had her second Shingles Vaccination.

Shingles is the same virus as Chicken Pox (varicella-zoster). It lurks in the nerves and sometimes makes a run at reinfecting as our immune system tapers down.

Our bodies recognize the virus and stomp on it.

They also stomp on the nerves where the viral loading is highest.

According to Mo, a guy I worked with, Shingles is excruciatingly painful disease.

The Shingles shot pokes the immune system and wakes it up. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of being sick are actually immune responses. Fever? Check.  Shivering? Check. Sore muscles? Check.

Mrs ERJ is not a very happy camper right now.

The up-side is that she clings to me like a frozen child hugging a mug of hot chocolate. I kind of like that.

Root development at 540 Growing Degree Days. I pulled them out of the potting medium and moved them in the green bucket to their permanent location.
I was moving grape cuttings this afternoon.

The variety is Nlia. Even though you have probably never heard of this variety it is one of the most common varieties you will run into.

Name Lost In Antiquity.

It primary virtue is that it resisted all attempts by Mother Nature and my poor viticultural habits to kill it.

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