Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Mom update

X-rays showed that her shoulder was not dislocated. Images showed subluxation with the humerus forward (IIRC) of where God originally put it.

The images showed much arthritis and the suite of muscles and tendons that comprise mom's left rotator cuff is more like a "s__t_ _f m_scl_s_and t_nd_ns". Some of it is there but much important stuff is not.

The doc had mom drop the Mobic and switch to three daily doses of 600mg of Ibuprofen, alternating with Acetaminophen. Sling. Heat but not ice. Come back in four weeks. The reasoning behind the 3X Ibuprofen is that it is the doc's belief that the pain suppression and anti-inflammatory action will have shorter periods of low activity.

If mom rejoins the circus and is using the trapeze in four weeks then she will cancel the appointment.  More likely, she will feel better as the inflammation will have had time to settle down. Then the doc will prescribe physical therapy to build up the s__t_ _f m_scl_s_and t_nd_ns as much as possible to prevent a re-occurrence.


  1. My mom is in a similar place with destroyed rotator cuffs. I hope the pain relief regimen and the subsequent PT do their magic. Rotator cuffs are quite fragile and tough to rehabilitate.

  2. Watch for extra bruising. Older women don't handle large doses of ibuprofen well.