Thursday, June 27, 2019

A silent scream

Biggby is a local coffee chain. They were originally named "Beaners" after coffee beans but some people claimed the name was racist.

So they went through the expense of changing their name.


  1. Remember the chocolate candy weight loss, called AID ( or AIDS-can't remember exactly )? And didn't the Starbucks mermaid have boobs at first? Uncle Remus rice and Aunt Jahmima ( sp? ) syrup-are those two still around? I loved the Taco Bell commercials with the cute dog. The Thought Police are always busy. And there is always another First World Problem to solve.

    1. The Social Justice Warriors are jousting on the Plateau of Self-Actualization, assured that Progressive means that things can never slide backwards.

      Those of us who believe that rust never sleeps keep food in buckets.

    2. Very well put. I imagine then that being progressive is just another strategy for wishing that Forever Growth stayed the economic paradigm. Like the "200 year fracking oil" fanatics. Bedtime stories for infant adults.

  2. Been a few years since I heard "beaner" used. I'll bet most folks wouldn't know that was a slur from years ago.