Sunday, June 16, 2019

Spreading branches, a few more pictures

Frequent commentor Aggie asked for a few more pictures to give context. Apologies for the poor picture quality. It is raining.

Part of my hesitation in taking pictures with more context is that my "orchard" is a very busy place. Make that, a very messy place.
This is the vegetation at the base of the tree. Mostly garlic but there are also cleavers, a weed whose seeds contain caffeine and a little bit of nettles.

A song sparrow flew out of this mess as I approached to take a picture. Can you see the nest?
Another strategy is to run a guy-line from support post-to-support post and then tie branches down to the guy-line. The tall weed in the picture is the last of the horseradish blooming.
As long as I am being honest about mess, this is looking down the grass aisleway between two rows. A row of grapes on the left, mostly Swenson Red and a row of apple trees, mostly, on the right. In addition to garlic you can see a clump of horseradish beneath the apples in the foreground and rye (the grain) in the background.

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