Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"American Graffiti" every Wednesday night, all summer long

I needed an easy post. Kubota suggested that I drive into Eaton Rapids and take a few pictures at the weekly car show.

Classic, Small Town Americana: A car show every Wednesday evening. They had just finished the ice cream cones before I got there.
When your best girl gets all dolled up and wants to go to town, do you tell her she ain't pretty enough?
Hell no! You tell her she is hotter than a $2 pistol.
Something for everybody. CW Swanson...are you seeing this?

From the new...

to the not so new.

Lansing and Eaton Rapids were "Oldsmobile" towns.

It was almost a State religion.

Nice to see the kids squirting Windex.

Back in the day they really knew how to torture sheet metal.

I need to breathe!!!

Lots of popped hoods and chrome

CW, do I still have your attention?

This T-bird was the bomb.

You can see the ground when you stand in front of it and look down.

The folk wisdom is that the vehicles we yearn for are the ones we first learned about "romance" in. This car has roomy seats.

Ultimately, it is always about the people.

Not enough room on Main Street. The show spilled out onto side streets.

I suspect this vehicle might have been owned by a girl. But I could be wrong.
Many more vehicles were there and the menagerie changes every week.


  1. Replies
    1. And Michigan music. There is a steady flow of low backpressure, dual exhaust burbling as the bikes and heavy iron parade up and down Main Street.

      And for the Ford guys, there is also some music from the 351 Cleveland symphony.

  2. Nice rides ! ! Most cars I see today are just...boring as hell.

  3. Lots of good cars there. In my area, Wednesday nights at Sonic and Fridays at Don & Millies (burger joint) are the car show nights. About once a month there is Cars and Coffee, but that gang is more European/VW and exotics.

    What is the car below the Olds Cutlass? Is that a Riviera convertible or is it an older Cutlass?