Monday, June 3, 2019

The water heater is installed

Not the prettiest installation but pretty good for me.

The only real challenge was trying to sweat the Ts into the feed and hot water line. Water kept seeping back and I could not get the joint hot enough.  Mari Lin at Pettit's Hardware suggested that I consider SharkBite fittings (Part number U370LF) and they worked like a champ. A HUGE shout-out to Mari Lin.

I opted for a couple, 1/4 valves on each line so I can replace the water heater without dropping water pressure next time.

One thing that was baffling to me is that the box advised 40 Amp service. I used 10 gauge copper and the existing 30 Amp breaker. I suspect that the manufacturer based that advisement on the home-owner replacing the smaller heating element with the most powerful one that will fit into the hole.

So far the 30 amp breaker has been "holding" just fine.

Appliances replaced in the last six months include the water softener (only recharged with salt once in six months), dishwasher and water heater.

I am ready for a break. So is my budget.


  1. You on a well? If not, look into a pressure tank. Heater and appliances will last longer. Water flowing has momentum and is in-compressible for all practical purposes. The solenoid run valve really takes a beating without a place for the pressure to bleed. The 8 gauge wire would yield less amperage loss. Cheaper to run the water heater.

  2. I had more problems with the shark bite when I put a tank in the church.
    I ball up white bread into the pipe and then solder.

    1. Are you saying pumpernickel won't work?



  3. 1/4" or **3/4** inch?

    I too use bread for holding water back.

    Ed: the key with SharkBite is CLEAN pipes on the OD and a bit of grease or oil when assembling them to keep the o-ring happy.

    1. 3/4"

      Pipe was bright and shiny clean in prep for sweating.

  4. Ouch, that's a lot of replacement. I'm hoping when I have to start replacing stuff, it's a bit more spread out...

  5. Thanks for the details, I was hesitant to use sharkbites as they looked to good to be true. Now I feel a little more confident to try them on my upcoming plumbing project.