Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The names of the Apostles written in Aramaic

The names of the twelve Apostles as written in Issa-Giliana True-type script.

Just because.

As requested by Jonathan H


  1. Comment on the last two posts. I'm pushing 70 and its been twenty or more years since I could run. Arthritis from milking cows for 20 years in a stall barn got my knees but I try to keep walking as much as I can despite pain from a two level.spinal fusion. I have managed to accumulate almost a year supply of my heart drugs and would probably survive without them. I know all about healing slower. Good story.

    1. Thank-you sir!

      I applaud you. And remember, the sound of that snap-crackle-and-pop is the sound of angels clapping.

  2. Interesting, however it would be easier to follow if the names were listed in their traditional English use; some are clear who it refers to, some aren't.


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