Saturday, February 2, 2019

Black face

Where is the line?

Will liberal politicians be eaten by their constituents if evidence is found that they dressed up for Halloween?

Is it OK for black politicians to straighten their hair or wear cowboy hats?

Are athletic shoes "Black" or "White" or "Asian"?

I thought diversity was our strength?

Or maybe it is just a shake-down, an extortion racket, a squeeze for "rent", a naked power grab.  Tell me it ain't true, Virginia.


  1. The phenomenon of the online mob and how its behavior is accepted is both interesting and frightening. It's as if people don't have a clue that the mob could turn on them in a heart beat...

  2. I have heard many big name comedians say they were no longer performing at colleges. Too many jokes you cant make and you don't even always know what " microaggression" is going to blow up on you.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out why dressing in blackface is demeaning or threatening. I'm white. Dress in white face and dance badly at a bar. Fine with me - it's funny. I'm Italian. Dress like the Godfather and make people offers they can't refuse. I'll smile or laugh probably.
    I'm Russian too. Wear one of those ushankas and hold a bottle of vodka in your hand. Ok, I don't drink vodka but my relatives sure did.
    If we can't laugh together, we can't stand together, and we certainly can't fight together when REAL things happen.
    Because I am half Italian and half Russian, I tried to join a mob. Neither mob was sure about me so they gave me a test.
    I was ordered to beat someone up - but I forgot who!

  4. Who knows - and I don't really care; they are discovering the problem with shifting standards: What was acceptable, or even laudable, one year is beyond the pale and worthy of destruction a year or decade later.
    It is ultimately the problem with "relative morality" - there is no fixed reference, so everything shifts according to whoever pushes it at that time.


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