Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Note to self: Stratifying seeds started Feb 6

Seeds of Water Tupelo are BIG!
I started stratifying seeds today. I soak the big seeds for 24 hours, then roll them up in paper towels, place them in zippered, plastic bags and hide them in the refrigerator for two or three months.

Water Tupelo
Water Tupelo can take wet ground. VERY wet ground. Those are some cool looking trees, almost like something Dr. Seuss would draw. It is related to the Tupelo from the song Sweet as Tupelo Honey. 

Map showing the natural range of Water Tupelo. I am likely to lose them to winter cold. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Regular Tupelo (aka, Black Gum, Sour Gum) is found in small amounts in Michigan.
River Birch

River Birch has excellent winter interest and is a graceful tree, as are most birch species.

Winter hardiness in southern Michigan is not an issue if the seeds came from a northern source. It grows in location where it experiences -35F.
Sweet Birch

Sweet birch is notable for having sweet sap like sugar maple AND for having wintergreen flavored twigs. At one time the only commercial source of wintergreen flavoring was distillate from Sweet Birch.
The supplier of the seeds indicated the the seeds came from Pennsylvania. I don't anticipate issues with winter hardiness in southern Michigan.

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