Friday, February 1, 2019

Abortions: For the mother's health

Some arguments don't withstand scrutiny

A new wave of more liberal abortion laws is sweeping the country.

The language generally contains a clause that grants exceptions "...for the mother's health..."

The implication is that having a child is inherently dangerous to the mother or that raising the child will negatively impact her health.

That claim is suspect if one looks at life expectancy. To cite a study from 2006


Life span of fathers increased in linear fashion with increasing number of children (0.23 years per additional child; p =.01), while life span of mothers increased linearly up to 14 children (0.32 years per additional child; p =.004) but decreased with each additional child beyond 14 (p =.0004)....

Looking at people I know, having a child caused them to "settle down". They did not party as much. They selected a primary doctor. They went to work in the morning. They drank less and had fewer sexual partners. They paid more attention to the food they ate. All factors that increase longevity.

Sure, for a few women, having a child is a life threatening event. Post-partum blues are real. But for the vast majority of women having a child will increase their life expectancy even if it diminishes the horizons for self-actualization.


  1. Having a child or being a parent doesn't "diminish the horizons for self-actualization" because self-actualization is a state of mind.

    I can't visualize an instance where a late-term abortion would be the best answer. Have the child and leave it at the hospital. Most states have provisions for abandonment without legal repercussions.

    1. I agree with you.

      There are many who will disagree. Being a parent typically reduces the discretionary money that can be used to visit stimulating vacation destinations or purchase bigger TV sets.

      Being a parent forces one to regiment their time. Baby is hungry when baby is hungry. Baby's nappy needs changing when baby makes it dirty. You and I know that kids WASTE more time in a day than taking care of a healthy baby would consume...but the kid would have to put aside the things of childhood.

      Sick babies are a different kettle of fish. They take up LOTS of time. Nothing enhances empathy more than a sick child and empathy is which is a form of self-actualization.


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