Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ilhan Omar

After listening to the talking-heads tell me what they, Ilhan Omar and Eliot Abrams, said I decided to endure listening to the actual exchange.

I heard an English-as-a-second-language speaker attempt to pose a question to a Washington Deep-State insider. The speaker may have been trying to paint the insider into a corner. Maybe not.

It is her job to eliminate wiggle room so that the witness must answer questions with simple declarative sentences.

I may not support Omar's politics but she was within her rights to demand that she be allowed to continue the preface to her question without interruption.

Also, regarding her heinous, anti-semitic tweet...I just didn't see it. Saying that politics follows the money...anybody who claims this is a radical or racist statement is blowing smoke.

Black-face being equated to actual racism? Bullshit. Omar being anti-semitic? Not enough data.

Another two years might change my mind, but for now I have to give Representative Omar the benefit of the doubt.

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