Thursday, February 7, 2019

Mouse update

I am making some progress on eradicating the mice in my ceiling.

I am not wild about poison because the corpses are not recovered and they smell as they decompose. Also, if the mice die in the summer we often get a follow-up infestation of enormous flies. The progression of plagues is almost Biblical.

But I am desperate.

I was using our bathroom the other day when I noticed tiny shreds of paper fiber on the floor. It was immediately below the bathroom vent.

Removing the vent cover I saw the classic Tom-and-Jerry mouse hole indicating that the space between the blower and the vent cover is now part of the mice's domain.


Four ounces of Diphacinone bait-blocks were loaded into the space between the blower and the vent cover.

The mice have been all over those blocks, like flies on 'tater salad. I have to sweep the bathroom floor every time I go into the bathroom least I track the evidence out into the house.


  1. We had the mouse issue when we lived in Warren, Michigan. They seemed to be most active about the time we went to bed, and directly above our bed.

    Within a week of placement of plenty of those poison packages, in the attic, all activity ceased. No observed foul odors and no fly outbreaks either.

    The creepiness of those nasty vermin has never left. Now with the cat and the dog, living out in the country, the rodents mostly live outdoors, and at a distance from the home. But watch out when the crops come off!

  2. Meestraps like these WORK.

    And are easy to build.

    Non toxic and self resetting.


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