Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tax prep software

I am looking for recommendations for tax preparation software.

Last year I bought Turbo Tax. That was just before Intuit, Turbo Tax's parent company actively strangled Second Amendment rights by closing thousands of accounts for firearm merchants.

Did they recant? Is there a supplier of tax prep software that is pro 2nd Amendment?


  1. Same quandary over jeans. Levy has been my choice since 1979 when I started buying my own. They have shown themselves to be anti 2A. Looking for an alternative.

  2. An alternative to Levis (which I wore for YEARS) is Texas Jeans Company.

    Can't help on the tax software

  3. I would suggest looking for a local accountant to do taxes. I changed a couple years ago and find that someone knowledgeable and reasonable saves me FAR more than they cost me.
    Don't go to one of those chain tax season only franchise places - find a local firm that does accounting and bookkeeping year round. The ones I have used cost me less than $200 in a complicated year and save me $800 to $2k each year in taxes - they know the deductions to claim, which line each cost goes under, which additional schedules are needed, etc.
    The tax code is too complicated for non-experts to use, and tax software good enough to be worth the money isn't available to ordinary people (IRS rules - you have to be licensed and trained to get access to the good stuff).


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