Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Budget quick-strike rigs

The traditional method of hooking minnows when using them for bait has some drawbacks.

For one thing, there is a lot of minnow and just a tiny bit of hook. You miss a lot of fish.

The only sure way to ensure you will get a solid hook-up is to let the fish swallow the bait. Then you set the hook. It pretty much guarantees a dead fish even if you release it as it likely has a perforated stomach.

Another alternative is to use a "quick set" rig. They cost about $10 if you buy them. You can make them for about fifty cents.

The makings to roll your own quick set rigs

Silver leaves were cut from pie tin to provide a little bit of bling.

Take one of the leaders. You can use 6" leaders for minnows as large as 8". Slide a couple of beads, the "spinner" and then another bead onto the leader from the swivel end.

Half way up the leader, put a sharp bend in the leader.

Slide the sharp bend through the loop on the clip end of the second leader.

Then pass the swivel end through the loop and snug it down.

Add more beads and spinner to the swivel end of the first leader.
A split ring and a treble hook go on the swivel end of the first leader.

This is what it looks like after assembly.

Use your imagination. Pretend the hot-dog is a minnow.
You will have about fifty cents invested and it will take you about three minutes to bang one out. You cannot find a parking place at the mall that quickly.

Good luck fishing.

Bonus video

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  1. Was on Lake Leann last weekend where a neighboring fisherman landed a 27" pike on a hot dog piece, sort of as you pictured. He "one-upped" you on the easy rig-rig. Using a straw (yes, a plastic, ocean killing straw) he poked a hole through a two inch piece of the hot dog, threaded his tip-up line through the straw, removed the straw, tied on a wire leader, and snapped on a treble hook. Then pulling the string, he buried the treble hook in the hot dog.

    I found this fascinating, ERJ, and the photo you posted of the hot dog made me laugh, because apparently some pike are fast food junkies.


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