Monday, February 26, 2018

When German Shepherds get hungry at night

I never realized that Zeus was left handed.

Lets see:  A package of Ritz crackers, a loaf of bread and a package of pitas.

Maybe I should be feeding him a little bit more.


  1. If your dog ain't hungry, you're feeding him too much.

  2. And here I've been hoping that my seven month old pup will someday not leave crime scenes like this for me to discover when I get home from work. Sigh.

  3. LOL, he's pissed about something...

  4. He is very well trained...he put the lid back on the peanut butter jar and on the jelly jar.

  5. Alas, my two just took a jar of peanut butter off the kitchen counter the other day AND a new can of coffee. They opened the peanut butter jar and ate most of it, but apparently the coffee didn't taste as good as it smelled because they just broke that open on the living room floor and left it.


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