Thursday, February 22, 2018


I was told that I misread the reason that revolutionaries executed society's elite.

The reason, I was told, is that revolutionaries believe that the elites have divided loyalties.  They believe that the elites benefited from the previous status quo so the elites can never be completely loyal.  Absolute loyalty and unblinking obedience to orders are the only qualities valued by totalitarians.

Elites include:
  • Celebrities
  • Wealthy people
  • Politicians
  • Industrial managers
  • Professionals like doctors and lawyers
  • Writers, media and opinion shapers


  1. You missed one - we the 'deplorables'.

  2. No Judy, I think Joe has it right. The "revolutionaries" will just enslave the 'deploribles'. They need us to do the work. However, the revolutionaries will kill all the useful idiots that put them in power - the celebrities, the crony-socialist capitalists, all current politicians on both sides of the isle, lawyers, bankers, and all media and bloggers. This has happened in every country thst fell into a dictatorship. But liberals are mentally ill and history means nothing to them.


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