Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Updates on broken stuff

The dryer is working thanks to a new heating element.

The little dog is acting like a puppy thanks to the change in dog food and "wetting" it with bouillon and then extra access to water.  The bouillon is salty. 

The hot water heater is still hobbling along.  The lower heating element is cemented into place with hard water deposits.

The satellite dish went on the fritz.  Kubota had been "fixing" it by knocking the snow from the dish with a ten foot long piece of pipe.  One of his swings disconnected the ground wire.  It is now "sort of working" because Kubota used that same piece of pipe to push the bare end of the ground wire so it touches the cast aluminum housing of the control box.  I will go up on a ladder after some of the snow melts and secure it with a screw.


  1. Oh lovely... Nothing like climbing the pole in cold weather... :-)

  2. YOu might find that a gentle tapping with a hammer might help break the calcium loose. Gently "ring" it a bit. while applying torque. Also I have found that wd-40 or hoppes will loosen calcium over a bit of time.

    Alternatively, you can overtwist it and buy a new water heater. Ask me how I know....


  3. My friend asked me to look at her gas hot water heater as it was making popping noises when the burner was on. After some
    You Tube videos, I opened the relief valve on the hot side and noting came out. Took it off and it was entirely filled with calcium. $114 later that now works but the thing still pops. No bottom valve installed in it so we'll just wait till it craps out entirely and get a new one. Now I'm wondering about my tankless water heater at my place. Wonder if the tubes are getting full as we have lots of Calcium there.

    1. If your tankless heater is more than 4 years old, it is caliumed up to the point of being inefficient. A new one would likely pay for itself in energy alone in a couple of years. THat's the issue with tankless.

    2. I blow the unit out with air every year when I close the place down for the winter. Anything else I can do short of taking the thing apart and ?


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