Monday, February 26, 2018

A note of "Thanks!" to ERJ readers

You are a classy bunch of people.

I appreciate the freedom of being able to float ideas that are not in lock-step with many of the other blogs out there.

I appreciate your willingness to read my blog.  I appreciate your willingness to give the ideas consideration.  I appreciate the well written comments when you disagree.

Thanks for being who you are.



  1. I thank you for continuing to think, write and share with the rest of us. Your blog is one of my very favorites - a calm, rational view of the world tempered with values that are very similar to my own.

  2. Whenever I'm trying to figure out how to graft black locust onto a blue spruce, this is my go to website.

  3. Appreciate your efforts Joe, and your insights, and the free-exchange nature of your blog - absent of the pejoratives that seem to permeate our lives. Spring is coming.....I have redbuds starting to pop and the peach tree in my yard has already bloomed and is setting leaves. Wild plum is also blooming. Fragrant!

  4. Your site is an everyday read, I thank you sir.


Readers who are willing to comment make this a better blog. Civil dialog is a valuable thing.