Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Road trip

Apologies for the late posts today.

I went on a road trip with Onondaga.
IBC: Intermediate, Bulk Container.  275 gallons

We went to Bob's Gun Shop in Hastings.  We poked around Middleville  looking, unsuccessfully, for used, food-grade IBCs.  Then to Grand Rapids to look at vehicles at a repo lot.

Then Onondaga wanted to eat at one of his favorite restaurants "just a little ways up M-37".  The restaurant was in Clare, Michigan.

Then we drove back downstate.

Elapsed time: eight hours.

After that I had a couple of naps to catch up on.


  1. But it sounds like a good day. :-)

  2. How come only 275 gallons, and what were the problems you encountered? I use these all the time in the oil patch, and I'm looking for a couple of food-grade clean 330gal units myself. But first, I need a set of forks for the tractor. You might check Craig's List if you haven't already. Can't imagine you can't find some, Good Luck!

  3. I did look on Craigslist. There were people in Middleville and Greenville selling them but neither person responded to my texts or emails.

    We did find a bunch of them for sale in Newaygo county for $85 but we were driving Onondaga's Toyota and his wife, Suzy, would have a fit if we scratch up her roof.

    Don't know why they are 275 vs 330 gallons.

  4. $85 is a pretty good price if they were in good shape and the valve was in high functional order (even for a smaller one). Even when empty, they are heavier than they look. Too bad Suzy's so tall. ( :) )

  5. You should have waved as you went up 37 as you drove right by the house. GR to Clair! Been there, done that. It's a nice drive on a sunny fall or spring day. :)


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