Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Robotic welding cells

While writing a recent essay I noticed that there are almost no videos on the internet of robotic welding cells in an industrial setting.  The few that are out there are oriented toward academics or sales.

I found some footage at an obscure site and am posting it here for a wider audience.

Apparently, these are the same assembly with the video taken from two slightly different perspectives.  From my experience, this is pretty much what factories look and sound like.

If you watch the bottom video a few times you might notice that the last two welds take a full six seconds and that all of the other robots are not welding.  It might be possible to reduce the cycle time by reversing the order of welds on the rightmost robot.  It would be necessary to change the "pounce" position of the top robot so it would be clear of the rightmost robot and still have a short, quick drive to its first weld.

I loved doing this kind of work!


  1. That is some complex programming! Thanks for getting us a look inside, so to speak.


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