Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mardi Gras, 2018

I will be spending Mardi Gras with my mom and dad to give my sisters a break.

Dad is having dizzy spells and is more comfortable to have a "young" person (like me) around in case he falls.  My mom has osteoporosis and is not the steadiest of walkers.

Dad is a worrier.  He worries that one of them might fall in the night and the other might not hear them, especially since dad wears hearing aids and takes them out to sleep.

They both have pendants that can call for help but they are loath to push the button.  The last time dad fell it took him a couple of hours of crabbing backwards and resting until he could find a piece of furniture stable enough to help him get upright.

I will pick up a six pack of adult beverage on the way over.  I expect to only drink a couple of them.  It would not do for me to be the one who falls and needs help regaining his feet. 

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