Monday, February 19, 2018

Pit Bulls

This morning I learned that one of our sometimes coffee drinking guys had been chewed up by a pit bull.

Ralph works as a framing carpenter and business is slow now.  He was on the front porch enjoying a cigarette when he heard a woman screaming.  He was wearing flip-flops.  They were found in the yard.

He placed himself between the woman and the dog.  At some point he flung his cell phone at the dog and it butt-dialed.

The pit bull ripped the meat off both of his forearms.  Tendons and nerves were severed.  He lost the use of two of his fingers.  The guys were not sure if they were bitten off, amputated or due to nerve damage.

It seems likely that Ralph will never be able to throw hammers at nails for a livelihood.

The woman suffered broken bones and a severely lacerated scalp and face.


  1. Oh damn... Prayers for both of them!

    1. This is a good example of when a handgun is more useful than a phone or negotiating skills.

  2. Those "grins" that Pit Bulls have scare the hell out of me.


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