Saturday, February 17, 2018

That apple did not fall too far from the tree

I need another bench because I am running out of room.

Kubota and I are both loath to expend excessive amounts of energy.

We can also be described as passive-aggressive.

Kubota keeps leaving his footware just inside the doorway.  He does so in spite of my admonitions and in spite of Mrs ERJ's purchase of multiple trays for wet footware and cubbies for dry footwear

The first time I tripped and kicked one of his sandals beneath the bench was an accident. Well, maybe it was.  It was so long ago that I am no longer sure.

Now it is a habit.  I automatically kick one of the sandals or shoes beneath the bench.  Or, if the offending footware are boots, one of them gets "accidentally" kicked down the stairs into the basement.

So if you see a kid walking around Eaton Rapids wearing mis-matched footwear, he just might be my kid.

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