Thursday, December 31, 2015

Terminal Velocity

This chart is offered for entertainment purposes only.

That which goes up must come down.

Calculated terminal velocity (fps) for assorted projectiles shot directly up into the air.  Assumes 32.4 ft/sec^2 gravity and standard air density.  Coefficient of Drag figures, shot weight and diameter from the internet. Higher velocities to be expected at higher elevation, higher latitudes and higher temperatures.

150 fps "Smarts, don't it?" line was extracted from my rearmost orifice.  For frame of reference, the Daisy Red Ryder Youth model has a muzzle velocity of 240 fps.  The "Smarts, don't it?" is also a variable of projectile weight.  A bowling ball does not need to be moving at 150 fps to inflict pain upon impact.

Bottom line

On my property, if anybody fires up into the air at midnight it will be birdshot only, while wearing baseball caps....and don't look up, it will put your eye out.

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