Tuesday, December 22, 2015


"Yooper" is, one of my coffee drinking buddies.  He was in fine spirits this morning.

Apparently his wife had been more that a wee bit frosty this past week.  It kicked in shortly after she had asked him what he was buying himself for Christmas.

He told her he was planning on buying a .223 (Remington).  .223 is usually pronounced "two-twenty-three"

He finally figured out that her hearing is not as good as it used to be.  They have been married for 49 years so I know she is well into her seventies.  She had mentally appended the words "year olds" to Yooper's shopping list.

They eventually figured it out, hence his good mood.

I don't see how she could have made that mistake.  Yooper strikes as the kind of guy who would prefer a .243 or .338 to a .223, at least in the feminine company department.  I happen to know that he is pretty happy with his .177

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