Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year Resolutions

Retirement has been sedentary.  I picked up a few pounds in the wrong places.

I did not notice until Mrs ERJ bought a light coat for me.  It was made by Dickies, a brand that targets working guys.  She has been noticing my blimping out.  She bought me a "Large".

And it was too small.


How can that be?  I am only five-eightish.

I could go into denial.  I could say it was not a big deal because I was wearing a fleece beneath it or that it was OK because it was tight across the shoulders.

But the fact that it was made by Dickies should have accounted for guys with upper body strength.  My problem is not too much muscle.  It is that extra forty pounds of fat I picked up since retiring.

Another event that brought my decrepit condition into focus is that Southern Belle took me out for a run.  Three years ago I could run six miles without too much strain.   This time I had to take a one-minute walking break every mile.

My New Year Resolution

I will move more.  I will walk and/or run a total of 1000 miles in the year 2016.

That works out to about 3 miles a day.

That distance is not totally arbitrary.  It is about a one hour walk or a half hour run.  It is the distance of the "block" that Mrs ERJ and I walk around.

My plan is to occasionally publish my miles-to-date on the blog.  It will be a simple line at the bottom of a post.  You will help me.  Putting that number out there will hold me accountable.  

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