Friday, December 25, 2015

How would you describe....

The cast of characters
Stalin, Hitler, Clinton, Trump

Lists of adjectives were culled from the internet via search engines.  Example: "Hitler adjectives".  Those lists of  adjectives were massaged to make them more consistent. Your job, readers, is to match the character to the list of adjectives that popular culture assigns to that character.

List One:
Brutal, self-serving, ruthless, greedy, not capable of empathy, power hungry, amoral, duplicitous, corrupting

List Two:
Liar, dishonest, untrustworthy, experienced, strong, smart, crook, untruthful, criminal, deceitful

List Three:
Brilliant, condescending, ingenious, huberis, cunning, manipulative, cold hearted, populist

List Four:
Arrogant, bombastic, idiot, clown, egotistical, outspoken, crazy, brassy, strong, asshole


  1. Without benefit of any research after reading the question, I will say list 2 is Clinton and list 4 is Trump. I'm less confident about Stalin and Hitler, but I will go with list 1 Stalin, and list 3 Hitler. I hope our choice doesnt come down to Clinton or Trump as our next POTUS.

    1. Ding, ding, ding.
      Winner, winner
      Chicken dinner.

      Golly, no suspense there.

      Yes, an election between Hillary and Trump would be a bit like having to choose between Stalin and Hitler. One is a ruthless, cunning political apparatchik. The other is a populist lacking all of the normal checks-and-balances.

  2. One could describe the whole filthy lot as authoritarian. They of the group that would rule YOUR world.

  3. While Trump is not my first choice for the next POTUS, I would gladly take him over any of the current DNC candidates (and of course the current POTUS).

  4. That hypothetical, I hope, election, is a toughy. Do I vote to keep out someone I am opposed to on moral grounds, on one hand, or do I vote to keep someone else out on other moral grounds, on the other hand? Or do I go with my conscience and vote for a third party and pick someone who I can get behind, but who I know realistically has little chance of winning?
    This shapes up to be a very curious and interesting election cycle. This from someone who will admit to voting for John Anderson during Reagan's first election.


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