Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dad spent the night in the hospital

Dad spent last night in the hospital.  Dad does not like hospitals.

Earlier, yesterday, he had an outpatient procedure done on his eye.  He went home.  Then he fainted.

That resulted in a quick trip by ambulance to the hospital where he was poked, prodded, bled, irradiated, vibrated, breaded and fried.

The hospital determined that he is an old man.  As we age we become like tops that are losing RPM.  It takes less insult put a wobble into our whir.

The last time he spent in a hospital he could not take a leak without nurses standing by.  During the admission process he acknowledged falling.  In his mind, there were extenuating circumstances.  For one thing, he was carrying a 24 foot extension ladder, the grass was tall and he did not see the cinder block he tripped over.  It was to no avail.  Admissions (interesting choice of names, "admissions") determined that he had a problem with falling and decided to plague him, an intensely private man, with nurses.

This fall/fainting was for real.  His heart rate was slower than expected, although not pathologically slow.  He has been a bit tipsy.  Like his mother, salt seems to mess up his inner-ear.  I suspect that I will have the same issue as I age.  There will be no salt on my Margarita glasses.  If I fall over I want it to be because of the tequila.

The discharge (another interesting choice of words) plan is to have an adult stay over night at mom and dad's place for the next little bit.  We will escort him when he needs to move around.  Mostly, it will fall to the sons.  It is a dignity thing.

Tonight is my night.


  1. Wish my dad was still here for me to spend the night with - though we'd be drinking bourbon or Canadian whisky instead of a margarita. Enjoy him while you can.

  2. Good luck to your dad and I hope he makes a full recovery or at least a return to stability.

  3. Good luck and yes, we're all facing that issue... sigh

  4. Your parents are lucky to have kids like you guys! Hope he makes a full recovery, and soon.

  5. I can't say much but to echo what the others have said. Prayers and best wishes to Pop. I have never had tequila, but have had an occasional glass of bourbon. The next time I do, which won't be until the summer, I will try and think of your dad, and my dad, and drink a toast to their generation and their strength of character.

  6. Your dad is lucky to have the great family that he does. You do him proud. Wishing you the best as you all move through this.


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