Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rain, rain, go away

24 hour precipitation Dec 23, 2015
Both girls are home.  I picked up Southern Belle in Farmington Hills.  She was staying with a college friend for a few days.

I drove past several gated communities on the way to pick her up.  Those just felt weird to me.

On the way there I stopped by Island Lake Shooting range and scrounged some shotgun hulls.  The grounds keeper had twenty gallons of them in the back of his gator.  He graciously gave me five gallons. I wish I had thought ahead to bring some trash bags.  He LIKES to have people recycle them.  It bothers him to send perfectly usable goods to a landfill.

9mm brass

I called up Russ Nelson at Family Shooters Corral.  I asked about 9mm Luger brass and he said he did not have any.  I was stunned.

Folks come out to shooting ranges and shoot 9mm 50, 100, 500 at a sitting.

Russ said that people seemed to be transitioning to 9mm from both directions.  People who used to shoot .22 LR moved to 9mm because the 9mm is reloadable and if you cannot find ammo in the stores you can reload your own.  Folks also paid attention to the FBI moving from 40 S&W as their standard sidearm to 9mm.  Right, wrong or indifferent....following the FBI's lead is an easy decision to defend.  Such is life in a litigeous society.

I have the itch to reload some ammo.  Nothing but wind and rain outside.


  1. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have been busy with family and work, but also, I have been following a little closely the blog called the Zehlman Partisans. They are a very pro gun, pro Jewish, freedom type site.
    A couple of popular posters are Claire Wolfe and Nikki. I have been kind of active in the comments there, and they have asked me if I would write a few guest columns for them. Well, not just me specifically, they asked for volunteers, and I took them up on it. But they have since been in contact with me and I am starting to work on a couple of ideas over this coming up weekend.
    The first will be titled Be Careful Who You Make Your Hero. Claire Wolfe seemed particularly interested in that idea. Another idea was self defense for the really poor people like me. Not sure of a title, yet, but it will be about how so many people say, well, my life is worth, blah, blah,blah, money, when they don't even realize that my family has also gotten used to a roof over their head and food every day of so.
    Any way, just wanted you to know that I do think of you and what is going on with your family in MI during this strange weather. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and safe travels for every loved one over the season.

  2. Lots of folks moving toward the 9mm. Good bullets are much better than they were 20 years ago. The technology of bulet making is simply light-years ahead of what we had 20 years ago, and the difference between the .40 and the 9mm is about zip with good bullets.


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