Saturday, December 26, 2015

BLM narrative of Obamacare failure?

Unfortunately, the Lansing Police Department had a call that went sideways.  The person whose actions most likely originated the call ended up dead.

From the local media:

7:30 PM on Dec. 24th Lansing Police officers responded to a report of a home invasion in progress

When officers arrived, they established a perimeter around the house, and confirmed that a male suspect was inside.

Officers talked to the man in the home for almost two hours, until approximately 9:50 PM when fire was seen inside the house. Officers entered the residence, to secure the people inside and protect them from the fire. 

When they went into the house, shots were fired at the officers, forcing them to retreat back outside. A short time later, they encountered the accused male suspect and he challenged them with a gun. Police officers shot the man, then secured him and removed him and themselves from the fire. 

Officers began giving medical aid to the man, while the Lansing Fire Department, who were already staged at the scene worked to put out the fire. Emergency crews transported the subject to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. 
Image from the internet
Police have identified the 24 year old dead man as Terrozza Tyree Griffin of Lansing.  His race was not stated.
Reading between the lines, the man made a series of really stupid decisions. In a time when we were less afraid of sounding judgmental, we would have speculated, "That guy had to have been crazy!"  I have to wonder if Mr Terrozza Tyree Griffin had ever been prescribed anti-psychosis medications.  I also wonder if the implosion of Obamacare made it impossible for him to obtain those drugs.

It is worth noting that Abilify (aripiprazole ) was the most profitable (legal) drug in 2013.  Abilify is indicated for schizophrenia,  mania associated with bipolar disorder, major depression, irritability, impulsivity and aggression.  And Abilify is just one of a dozen drugs that treat these conditions.  There are a lot of people out there who need drugs to keep their train on the tracks.  BAD things happen when they stop taking them!

---Added later--- 
There are many other drugs, older drugs, that act like Abilify but are less expensive.  For example, Risperidone costs about $10 a month (after coupons) and has a similar therapeutic profile.  Admittedly, that only solves part of the problem.  There are people who do not believe they should have to spend any of "their own" money to stay is not their problem.  And there are others who fail to take their meds even when they have them.  
---End addition---

Perhaps "implosion" is too strong of a word.  Obamacare, as written and implemented, failed to enroll many of the neediest segments of society due to high costs.  Insurance clearing houses (co-ops) are going bankrupt due to Federal subsidies being 87% lower than anticipated.  Mandatory coverage drove up costs to businesses. Businesses responded by reconfiguring to staff with part-time help.  Workers who were formerly full-time with some health insurance coverage found themselves part-time with no employer supplied health insurance.

Real journalist would stop trying to cram every story into the BLM narrative and investigate why there seems to be an up-tick in these events.  These young, black men may be dying, in part, due to the perverse nature of the legislation called Obamacare.

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