Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Running out of bombs

One of the guys at coffee brought up the fact that the Air Force is running out of bombs.  Apparently they are dropping them faster than we can produce them.

Fast Eddie is in the salvage business and he volunteered all of his 17 pound LP tanks and hot water heater shells.

Jack-n-Mack welding can add fins and add a cup in the  nose for the detonator.

Baub is working on slaving servos to an Android smart phone "brain" to provide a guidance system.

We figure we have a winning ticket for thermobaric bombs.  We plan to charge $109,000 a copy.


  1. Heh! Sounds like a plan to me. Get a minority stockholder and you're guaranteed a contract.

  2. Sadly the administration has ALSO refused to extend the production of Tomahawk missiles...

  3. I just remembered that the factory I used to work at made the steel for the tail fins for the sidewinder missiles.
    17-4 steel, the same as quality gun frames.
    We used to get the rejects back to re-melt them.


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