Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

My brother, the firefighter, told me that he had responded to many fatalities over his career, but the calls he hated the most were SIDS calls.

So my ears perked up when Mrs ERJ and I were watching a movie about Temple Grandin.  At one point in the movie the young Temple Grandin observed that the square corners of corrals and holding yards stressed cattle.  "Cattle want to move in curved lines.  Cattle pack into corners and become trapped because there is no way out."  She, brilliantly, observed that rounding out the corners would make it almost impossible to for the cattle to get trapped.

Mrs ERJ observed that SIDS is usually caused by the young infant bulldozing blankets into a corner and not being able to breathe or back up.  She observed, people ought to build baby cribs without corners, just like Temple Grandin's corrals.

It might be a little bit awkward explaining to your mother-in-law why you are using a stock tank for a baby's crib, and it will be tough to find mattresses and it would probably reduce the chances of having to call my brother.

My hope is that some enterprising furniture company jumps on this idea.

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