Thursday, August 13, 2015

Designing a better discus, Part II

This is a disc.  White arrow shows rotation as thrown by a typical right handed person.
Separation/recirculation occurs on top and on the aft portion of the disc. There is a reason military planes carry ordinance on the bottoms of the wings. 
Various dimple or depression patterns can be modeled by cutting wedge shaped pieces of textured tape and applying to blue area of this disc.
Example of textured tape. Many more options HERE
A typical engineering program would involve wind tunnels, smoke emitters and exquisitely sensitive transducers.  Even with all of that sophistication the data would still be blind to athlete-equipment interactions.  Increased lift might come at a cost of more roll which some athletes could deal with and others might not.

These items are not available to the typical coach.  So how might a coach sort through all of the options in a statistically valid way?

I will cover that in the next post on the Tukey End Count.

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