Friday, August 14, 2015

Garden update

North Georgia Candy Roaster squash. This one is about 20 inches long and growing.

Dickinson pumpkin, the kind used in Libby's canned pumpkin.


Jetstar tomato

Polish Linguisa tomato.  They have interesting shapes.

Blauhilde pole bean

Garden of Eden pole bean

Red Ace beet.  I continued to be impressed with the vigor of this strain.  The red stems make it easy to identify when hand weeding.


Korean radishes

Persimmon seedlings

Deadon savoy cabbage.  These cabbage have not been sprayed with insecticide.  The key seems to be to plant later (these seeds were started May 15) and purplish leaves.  The cabbage worms stand out like Neon BEER signs and are a quick lunch for birds.

Diablo Brussel Sprouts.

Liberty apple trees in the "barn" orchard.

Open pollinated field corn.  Hand in photo for size reference.  Yes, I know large vegetables are vaguely phallic.  Really, I am not compensating for other deficiencies.


  1. Are you growing burley or dark-fired type tobacco?

    Noticed burley harvest well along this morning on my drive to main campus. Dark-fired will be later... I look forward to the late evening aromatic smoke creeping down the hollow like fog when they stoke the smoldering fires in those dark-fired barns...

    1. This year I am growing Perique tobacco, a strain originally from Louisiana that is cure like sarrkraut or corn silage.

      Of the tobacco that I have grown I have been most impressed with Tennessee 90. Easy stuff to grow. Big plants. High yield.


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