Monday, August 31, 2015

New "blogging" camera

Sometime in the last few weeks I misplaced the little, red camera that has been my blogging camera for the last year.  It was a used camera that I had picked up for $30 but it got the job done when I did my part.

I looked high.  I looked low.  I looked on fence posts where I might have hung it.  I looked on apple trees.

No joy.

After much agonizing (I hate to spend money) I bought a BRAND NEW camera.  It came from a Big-Box store and it cost $65.  It is a Fuji Finepix AX655.  It uses AA batteries.

After buying it I took a few pictures to break it in.  The light was atrocious.  It was muddy and there was haze.  For lack of anything more interesting I took pictures of fireblight strikes.

Fireblight strike in the top of a domestic pear tree

Multiple fireblight strikes in the top of a crabapple tree.

These did not show up, but this P. calleryana has many strikes all over the tree.  It just goes to show that I cannot take good pictures when the light is fighting you.
While focusing on this mushroom, it occurred to me where my old camera was.  I had put it into a fanny pack that Belladonna has a strong dislike for.  She thinks it makes me look like a nerd.  What she does not want to face is that I look like a nerd because I AM a nerd.  Out of deference to her feelings I did not take the fanny pack when we dropped her off....but I failed to remove the camera.
So now I have a second back-up camera.

How humid was it?

This is the door of the freezer that lives in the garage.  Clearly, I am losing energy through the door.  The point is that the dew point was so close to ambient temperature that even the door, slightly cooler than ambient, picked up condensate like a glass of iced tea.

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