Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kubota gets his wisdom teeth out today

This is going to be fun (official ERJ sarcasm font).

He is already moaning and complaining about lack of food and drink.  He thinks he needs to eat every 4 hours or he will die.

We opted for the complete sedation.  Belladonna had laughing gas and she was ok with it.  Belladonna knows Kubota as well as anybody and she advised the full sedation.  Some people do better with stress and anxiety than others.  You would not think that a person as empathetic as Bella could be as mentally as tough as an old boot, but she is.  Kubota, not so much.

Kubota has a full day of hanging out with his friends planned.

We are not as optimistic.  We have a full day of popcicles, movies and sherbet planned.

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