Saturday, August 29, 2015

Investing in the NEW 401-2k

One of the joys of reloading is dreaming up new wildcat cartridges.

My newest creation is a .308 Winchester necked up to 0.401 inch diameter.  The shoulder radii are sharpened to 2.0mm to ensure more positive headspacing.

My new creation is named "401-2k" based on the bullet diameter and the anticipated muzzle velocity.

Reloading data for the .405 Winchester, less 10%, can be used until load data from instrumented test barrels are released.  Loads of 12 grains of Alliant Unique or 16 grains of Alliant 2400 are recommended for cast bullets.

The ERJ 401-2k: An investment you can hold in your hands, an investment decoupled from the financial markets!



  1. That would be a dandy cast-bullet round. A 250 grain bullet at 2000fps ain't nothing to sneeze at and would be perfectly sufficient for 90% of the shooting that hunters hereabouts do.

    Oh, and don't snark about things that are decoupled from the financial markets. Assets are assets, in whatever form. Collect what yo uwill, when you need ready cash, it's easy to sell. And, you don't pay brokerage fees.

    1. Actually, the .308 Win is a decent cast bullet round as is the 30-30. 8 grains of Unique (or any other pistol/shotgun powder with a similar burn rate) gives a sub-sonic load with a 170 grain cast bullet in the .308. That bullet has a much flatter trajectory than an arrow and will have excellent penetration. It will not kill a deer as quickly as a softpoint at 2700fps, but tracking is a part of basic wood craft...or at least it used to be.

      The pioneers would have their firearms rebored and rifling recut as the black powder and poor lubricants caused the bore to corrode. The gun got lighter and the bullets got heavier. Given todays smokeless powders, noncorrosive primers and excellent gun care products, there is little reason to up-bore from thirty caliber.

  2. That's a nice hard asset right there. Nicely done.


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