Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Light blogging over the next few days

According to Bella, this is packing light.  The other three girls are all bringing two vehicle loads.  Wrenches included to assemble lofts (if necessary).  Cordless drill to assemble furniture, if necessary.
My blogging will be light over the next few days.  We will be delivering Belladonna to the tender mercies of Grand Valley State University.  It is a bit of a surprise to me, but Bella has three apartment mates and she is the one who lives closest to home.  Two of the four will have vehicles so I anticipate they will be making some runs to the store as they discover items that they forgot to pack.

One of the things GVSU did well was to put their campus in the middle of nowhere.  NOBODY will be walking off campus to a package liquor store or a bar.  The distances are daunting.  Yeah, I know that many college students drink.  But it does not need to be easy nor does it need to seem as though it is encouraged.


Today I helped Roger by cutting up dead trees to make it easier for him to maintain his place.

People can really piss me off.  While Roger (and his wife) were recovering from multiple surgeries in an assisted living facility, somebody stole his chainsaws, his leaf blowers...even the power meter off the side of his house.

Working for Roger is pretty light duty.  I think he enjoys a chance to jawbone with somebody about fruit growing even more than the help he gets tidying up the place.  I had plenty of chances to catch my breath as Roger passed on hard-won information.  Some of the information involves taste testing the kaleidoscope of apples as they become ripe.  Every year they seem to come in a slightly different order.  This year the McIntosh types seem be be early.

Roger's favorite McIntosh is UltraMac.  I found that it was very sensitive to scab when I tried to grow it.  Note to reader:  I don't spray.  But I may have to give it another look.  They are delicious.

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  1. Where are the entrepreneurs? Sounds like a perfect place to open a honky-tonk or a package store.

    I can't imagine a college without a honky-tonk on a package store within easy walking distance. Where I went to college we could buy a drink in the student unton. But, this is Louisiana.You Michiganers might do it differently.


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