Monday, August 10, 2015


I am shopping for a new cell phone.  The screen of my slider died.  Mrs ERJ wanted me to try a "texting" cell phone.  I did.  I do not send many texts.  I am more of a receiver than a sender.

I am replacing my slider with a low tech flip phone.  I can open it while driving and still keep my eyes on the road.  Battery life can be very, very good.  They are smooth and fit in my pocket easily.  My two highest frequency cell phone failures are
  1. I am not carrying it because it is recharging
  2. I am not carrying it because I have too much other crap in my pockets.


Batteries, Part II

We had a run of varmints on the chickens a few weeks ago.  It is distressing to run out of the house at 3:00 AM with a loaded shotgun and not have the Red Dot show up.  Yup, sure enough, I had put it in the gun safe with the scope illuminated. 

It is not a matter of cost.  2032 batteries can be purchased very inexpensively in bulk....which I did.  The problem is thinking you can count on a tool and having it compromised when you really, really need it.

I see that there are models with automatic turn-off and some that are motion activated.  The prices are a bit steeper than simpler scopes.  I think I will start saving my pennies.  I want to hear from any readers who have any experience with these kinds of scopes or if they have any recommendations.


  1. The curmudgeon in me says: Learn to turn off the light. But, I understand the problem. I've never been a red-dot guy, but some of my friends like these.

  2. I have a Primary Arms red dot on a rifle and it seems to work quite nicely.

    I, too, worried about the batteries failing me when the site was most needed. I ended up getting a Trijicon Reflex. Sure, it's a boatload of cash... but every time I raise my shotgun up I see a reticle. No on off switch, no electricity. Just the sun when it's daylight, tritium when it's night.

    1. Hello 11 Charlie: Thanks for reading! Between you and Pawpaw it looks like two votes for Primary Arms and one for Trijicon.

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