Saturday, August 29, 2015

Apex Tactical Spring Kit

I just installed a spring kit from Apex Tactical in a Smith and Wesson SDVE.

The kit costs about $20 and claims to take the trigger pull from 8.5 pounds down to a more Glock-like 5.5 pounds.

From what I saw, between the spring kit and putting high moly grease between the trigger bar (right side of the magazine well) and the inside of the magazine well, subjectively it seemed to reduce the trigger pull by more than half.

One of the benefits of poking around in the guts of a gun is that you can start to isolate the sources of creep/draggy triggers and such.

I was surprised when the major culprit was between the trigger bar and the magazine well.  The injection molding seemed very smooth and so did the stamped steel trigger bar.  It must be that the material flow in the mold caused the glass flake reinforcement to stand on-end in that part of the molding.  It was MUCH less gritty feeling after flooding it with grease.

The only bad thing about this kind of job is that the first one is always three times harder than the second.  Most folks don't ever get a chance to do it a second time.

Maybe V-Max would like to have a spring kit installed into his S&W SDVE .40.

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  1. APEX makes some great parts that really improve the S&W pistols quite nicely, and yes the part installs can be quite fun on the S&Ws.


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