Sunday, August 30, 2015

Friday Menu (Aug 28)

Friday was my mother's birthday. She turned 83.  For dessert she wanted lemon bars.

Broiled Chicken
Oven Roasted sweet potatoes, peeled
Steamed Sugar Snap Peas
Steamed asparagus
Lemon bars

This was overkill.  In general, they do not want more than one meal's worth of food.  Otherwise they have a slow accretion of food building up in the fridge or they must suffer the anguish of throwing away food.  Having grown up during the first Great Depression it causes them emotional pain to throw away food.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to your Mom. That sounds like a fine meal. Dad wouldn't eat leftovers growing up, but with two active kids there weren't too many.

  2. Happy Birthday to her. And I remember those similar comments from my mother, who saved aluminum foil... And whipped cream tubs. EVERYTHING that could be reused was, and money was never spent unless absolutely necessary.


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