Friday, August 28, 2015

Let me be the first to thank the Media

I want to be among the first to thank the media.

You see, I  have a child in high school, and a child attending University and a child working in an inner-city church in Miami.

Based on history, three of my four children were at high risk of being killed by notoriety seeking, psychotic people.

Those people, the ones seeking notoriety, read the news.  They carefully plan their carnage to gain the most time on TV and the most inches of headlines.

My kids were at high risk until the hyperbolic media feeding frenzy that resulted when two of their own were killed by somebody who was clearly mentally ill.  The target shifted.

What is a half a billion dollars worth?

I think it is plausible to estimate the amount of TV time dedicated to the latest idiot in Virginia to be worth half a billion dollars.  Even if the idiot had a half a billion dollars, he would not be able to buy air time for his grievances or his manifesto.

One perspective is that the news media put a bounty of a quarter billion dollars on every one of their on-air news reporters, payable in a street drug that cannot be obtained in any other way.

That makes my kids pretty safe.  A whack-job would need to run up a body count of 100 to equal the notoriety of knocking off two, second-tier news personalities.  Much easier to start a riot and wait for your targets to show up than to try to knock off a hundred screaming, running school kiddies.

Thanks news media.

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