Friday, April 18, 2014

Track Season

Belladonna was dancing as she came into the house after school today.

"Hey dad." she said "Guess what I threw in practice today."

Braggy parents

As a general thing I dislike braggy parents.  But it is not like I can take credit for contributing much in the way of genetics.  Nor can I claim to have every been much of a track athlete.  Any running I did during high school was motivated by either swarms of yellow jackets encountered while mowing or mom bringing home a package of Ideal Peanut Butter Cookie-bars on Friday.

So I salve my soul by pretending that this is "celebrating", not "bragging".


"Hey dad, I threw 142 feet in practice today."

To put that into perspective, the Michigan High School Girl's record is 159'-5"  The 2013 Division II State Champ threw 133'-8".


Belladonna is even starting to come around with her shotput.  She knocked out 34' in practice today.

That is a great way to start out the weekend.

Saxon Relays on Saturday

I get to drive Belladonna to Hastings, Michigan for the Saxon Relays.  This should be fun.  Relays are where multiple athletes compete and their distances (or heights) are combined.  Eaton Rapids has two outstanding, women throwers.  They have the potential to put together an eye-popping combined distance.

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  1. Some folks don't understand shot put. A 12-pound shot is what can be fired from a 12 pound black powder cannon. Yeah, those are cannon balls they're flinging around, suitable for reducing fortifications. The sporting shot is a nicer ball than many of the old cannoneers ever saw.


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