Monday, April 14, 2014

The Captain is Back

I frequently write about my neighbor, the Captain.

He took a trip to Florida with his wife and some of the grandkids.  They were gone 10 days.  Kubota and I had been keeping an eye on the place.

I did not share that information earlier in the interest of security.  Nobody needs to know when a house is empty.

It is six kinds of stupid when kids share that information on Facebook with their 847 "Friends".  Our across-the-street neighbor came home from an extended trip one year to find that their house had become Party Central.  They still have no idea who broke in the back door, littered the house with multiple liquor bottles and rumpled the sheets.

It is wrong to advertise when you are leaving.  It is doubly wrong to advertise when somebody else, somebody who entrusted you to keep things safe is gone.

It is a relief to have the Captain back.

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