Friday, April 18, 2014

There are not enough hours in the day

Many little pieces to my day.  I know I have been busy when I have been too busy to take photos.

A certain young man's mouth out ran his brain yesterday.  He got an extra-special day out of school today.  I was given the task to help the young man want to be back in school.

One of the retirees who I drink morning coffee with had just the ticket.  The wind and ice storms dropped two, sixty foot tall spruce trees that needed to be cleaned up.  We loaded wood.  We moved some by wheel barrow.  We split some for burning.  Most of it we put in the back of a two axle trailer and delivered to the senior citizen's neighbor.  We sunk the rear wheels of the senior citizen's pick-up in the neighbor's soft sod.  We unloaded the chunks of firewood (some about 20" diameter) and lugged them over to the neighbor's wood pile. 

The thing that dazzled me is that the 83 year old man kept pace with us, chunk of firewood by chunk of firewood.  I kept telling him to take a break because I did not want to have to 'splain to his wife anything that might happen.  Funniest thing, that 83 year old man paid no attention to me.

We jacked up the trailer.  The old fella was able to pop the truck loose with both of us pushing and him in 4WD-Low.

I got back home.  I loaned the certain young man out to the Captain. 

I planted 25 Northern Red Oak.  I grafted 10 other oak trees some Idaho Sweet Burr Oak and a select strain of Swamp White Oak.  I dug up about a dozen Chinese Chestnuts and a 10 foot tall pear tree.

I need a nap.

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