Saturday, April 19, 2014


I was wrong.  Eaton Rapids does not have two strong women in the discus event.  They have three strong women in the discus event.

The format of the Hastings Saxon Relays changed.  They went from two person teams to three person teams.  Deep benches count.

I want to talk up Eaton Rapid's third woman in the discus.  She is 5'-11" tall and is Barbie Doll beautiful.  She is also an extraordinarily gritty athlete.  I watched her play basketball.  She goes after loose balls like a volleyball player.  She dives into the hardwood to beat the other team to the ball. She brings the very best "blue collar ethic" to every sport she participates in.

It amaze me that she seems completely oblivious to both her charm and her winning attitude.  I think she must come from a family of exceptional people because my sense is that she sees herself as entirely ordinary.

Just for the record, Belladonna threw 128'-11".  She is a happy girl today.

I attempted to motivate her.  I suggested that she imagine some heinous villain from Twilight was about to bite the beautiful Mrs ERJ's alabaster neck.  The villain is standing on the 155' line and she needs to cut off his evil head with her silver discus to save her mother.

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