Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mr Green Jeans

Mr Green Jeans is off the road.  He needs a new coil pack.  The frame is cheesy.  And the battery is dead.

But even as a lawn ornament he continues to make contributions to our gardening enterprise.  It got down to 28 degrees F last night and it was windy.

Onion seedlings.  The white glass in the top of the picture is a frosty windshield.  The silvery material in the bottom of the picture is the sunshade I used in the summer.
We had a little bit of snow last night.  The wind also blew my high-tech garbage bag cold frame open.
The willow cuttings seem OK.  Rubykins on the left, Giant Pussy willow on the right.

All tucked back in.  Notice the venting on the end.
The willow cuttings were pushing roots and buds after about ten days at 70 degrees.  I had to pot them up and get them outside in sunlight.

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