Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hey, can I "borrow" $30?

Mrs ERJ is livid.

The mother of one of Kubota's friends shook him down and stole his birthday money.

OK, that is not exactly how it went down.

Borrowing money

She "borrowed" $30 one day.

Then she "borrowed" another $30 the next day.

Then she called him again for another $30 the day after...but he was tapped out.

Creating enablers

This woman is a master at creating enablers. 

She once asked me for a ride into the Speedway (gas) station "in town".  I thought, "Why not, I have to go into town today anyway." So I agreed to help her with her little errand.  Fortunately, I took Mrs ERJ with me.

Then it turned into the Speedway station in Lansing..."Oh honey, I meant Lansing when I said 'town'."  Then it morphed into a different gas station near down town Lansing.

We were waiting for her "friend" to drop off her "medicine".  Her friend, the pharmacist, showed up in a Cadillac.  She scooted over to the Caddy and was able to complete her transaction.

She asked for another ride the next day.

The woman is 40 years old and looks 70.

Draw your own conclusions.

How do you handle a situation like that?

If you are a guy, mostly you let Mama Bear handle it.

I doubt that she has the money.  One friend who is familiar with the situation suggested that we try to get the money returned but then swear out a complaint with the police when she cannot comply.  The police might do nothing (He said, she said) or they might have hear-say that she victimized many other people but cannot do anything until somebody/anybody files a complaint.

I know I have at least one reader who is in law enforcement.  What do you guys think?

Even if we do not go the formal complaint route, I expect Mrs ERJ will use the treat of such  as a club.  Stay away from our young man.  Never, ever invite him over to your house.


  1. Heh! Expensive lesson, but a worthy one. Learn to say NO.

    Once upon a time, I watched a buddy get into a pool game with a young airman at Barksdale AFB. $10.00 per game, double of nothing on the next game. After four or five games, m buddy had taken the poor airman's whole paycheck. He returned $20.00 to the kid for toothpaste and smokes, then we left the bar. The kid left after us, footing it toward the main gate, penniless and much wiser.

    I asked my buddy if he felt bad about taking the kid's money. "No," he replied, "I needed the money and the kid needed the lesson."

  2. Thank-you for your thoughts. I was hoping you would chime in.

  3. ERJ, I would leave the law out of it. This person is one that USES others. Kubota and you both offered a helping hand. You probably ought to use the right of association, and avoid her. Or wait for her to make Kubota whole again.
    But that is the same thing is my guess.

    1. Hello Milton:

      That is my inclination. I was exploring the idea because somebody I respect suggested it.

      To me, much anguish can be avoided if every effort is made to iron out problems and to only involve the law if the issue is major and if all the efforts fail.

      It is exasperating to see people use the system like first graders tattling to the playground monitor. Those people are trying to use the law as a blunt instrument to bludgeon the other party into submission.

      I feel for her kids. They are very likable but it may be because they have to be to survive.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for writing.


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