Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Warm Space (Houston, we have ignition.)

This went on to over-shoot to about 87 F.  I turned down the thermostat on the aquarium heater.  Now that I figured out how to get it hot enough it should be a snap to dial it in to the 80 F target.

I had to flip the fan over and use cable ties to secure it to the shelf.  The temp topped out at 67 degrees with the fan turned the other way.  The blast of air is violent enough to ripple the surface of the water and is undoubtedly mixing it as well.  Obviously, with exposed copper wire this is not for children to muck around with.

Some Canela Russet potatoes that are warming to help them break dormancy.  This is one of the potato cultivars that give Joan Rivers a run for her money with regards to shelf life.
You can see a wee bit of a sprout starting at the eye.

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